Friday, January 27, 2017


It is Holocaust Memorial Day marking the anniversary of the liberation of the infamous Auschwitz death camp. For those wondering "Why do Jews make such a big deal about the Holocaust?". Assuming this is an honest question and not an anti Semitic retort I will try to clarify.

First off, a third of all Jews worldwide were murdered with the intent of exterminating an entire ethnic based religion that has thrived for centuries in Europe. Virtually every Jewish Ashkenazi (European) family has suffered and have loved ones counted among the six million (official conservative estimate) Jews, three million from Poland alone were my fathers parents grew up, that were so ruthlessly uprooted.

In addition to mass murder, these Nazi demons made it their mission to demoralize and torture in the most sadistic fashion imaginable. Driven by a man who was brought to power by exploiting the frustration of the masses about their economic status and their pride lost due to WWI.

My main point is that not only do we need to apply lessons learnt from the Holocaust to confront the Islamo-Fascists be they Isis, Bokha Haram, Al Qaeda ect. We need to keep the victims memory alive. By 2030 there will be no survivor left alive to tell their story. People tend to forget things. This is where we step up and say NEVER FORGET! NEVER AGAIN!

Sunday, January 17, 2016


Donald Trump rented a movie theater outside Des Moines, Iowa in order to provide free screenings of Director Michael Bay's latest film better known as "The Benghazi" movie. Ted Cruz devoted his closing statement with a plug for the "13 hours" drama-action flick. I didn't need the good Senator of Texas to drag me to the box office. In fact I opted to watch the movie over the GOP Debate Episode VII: The Birther Menace that took place two weeks before Episode VIII: Return Of The Kelly File hosted by Fox News in Iowa. Thank G-d for VCR & Youtube.

Screenwritten by Chuck Hogan (The Town) and Mitchel Zuckoff, Author of "13 Hours: The Inside Account Of What Really Happened In Benghazi". Starring John Krasinski (The Office,Jarhead) James Badge Dale (The Departed,24) Max Martini (Saving Private Ryan) Pablo Schreiber (Orange Is The New Black) are among those who portray our heroes in this Michael Bay gripping acount  delivered more then just his typical schtick. Of course no Michael Bay flick is complete without explosions and plenty of fire power. Benghazi had enough real life action without looking like "Bad Boys" or "Transformers". 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


At this point you don't have to be a top notch geopolitical analyst to understand that President Obama has downgraded our international standing in the world. Obama's "JV Team" is now a menace that is better known as ISIS. In the second debate  against Mitt Romney, Obama dismissed his Republican rival for naming Russia as the biggest geopolitical threat to our nation. He quipped that the "1980's called, they want their foreign policy back". Fast-forward to 2015, with Putin having it his way with Ukraine and Syria, it's clear that we have 21st century showdown with Russia whether we like it our not.

Obama's weakness has been rather depressing. However why some conservatives have taken to social media by praising Putin for his leadership is mind   boggling. True, there is nothing to be proud of a president that leads from behind. Praising an authoritarian who has virtually destroyed free speech in Russia, a tyrant who had over two dozen political enemies and journalists imprisoned or have died from all kinds of mysterious poisonings, KGB style. Are we that desperate as a freedom movement that we flock to the leadership of this brute?

Just because Putin does whats best for his country, that doesn't make him any less tyrannical. No, cartoons of  Putin spanking Obama is not funny. It only serves as a reminder of how little clout we yield on the international scene. Not a laughing matter at all. Scoring political points against Obama while praising Putin, misses the point completely.

While President Obama should not be immune to criticism due to to ''patriotic reasons'', We need to channel our critique in fashion that highlights our disgust with our standing in the international arena. Not by turning into cheerleaders for ''Team Putin''. The next President will have to do much better Hillary Clinton's ''reset button''. We can only hope that in 2017 our next commander-in-chief will have a better understanding of Putin's aspirations and which direction our country needs to be headed. Until then, for political inspiration, read up on George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Dwight Eisenhower, and Ronald Reagan. Vladimir Putin has nothing to offer for constitutional conservative who lobby for more liberty and less tyranny.